When frying chicken breast, a white discharge comes out. Can you guess what it is?

Often, we hear how our parents and grandparents say that chicken meat was once different. First of all, it was firmer and cooked for a longer time. Chicken soup was more aromatic, had a nice color and tasted much better.

Chickens themselves were much smaller and grew slower, mostly eating grain and whatever they could dig up from the ground. And most importantly, the birds on the farms of our grandparents had complete freedom to move around, not exactly what chickens, bred on an industrial scale, are able to do.

A few years ago, a recording showing the controversial techniques of enlarging poultry in a foreign slaughterhouse had already leaked onto the internet. To increase the volume of meat, the chickens were injected with a mysterious substance, which made them look a lot better. From an averagely-grown chicken a real giant was created, which could barely fit on a tray. Completely unaware consumers buy such meat, because it visually looks very good. Hardly anyone wonders how it was possible that a chicken has grown to such large sizes?

Take a look at a video depicting this practice!

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