When he started singing, the jury of “Got talent” laughed at him, but luckily, they waited until he began to dance

The TV attracts various people who seek fame and money by its magic. In order to become famous, some people are ready to do some very strange things.

The program which attracts these determined people is the show “Got Talent”. It had success in a lot of countries where it has been airing for many seasons. Thanks to it, the internet is full of filmed performances of people who have unique talents and skills. Luca Calo, a 23-year-old barman definitely belonging to the group of unusual participants of the program.


Luca did not explain to the jury what his talent was. He only said that he wanted to entertain and make people happy and was given a green light for the performance. The beginning was not very good because the man started to kill it by singing of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”. Three out of four jury members pressed their buttons to stop the performance.

Not all participants of the show “Got Talent” succeed. Will he succeed?

Fortunately, one of the jury members held out. The real showdown was the second part of the performance, when the man suddenly started to dance enthusiastically. What is so strange about it? He did it on extremely high heels! Maybe it is not a big talent, but the performance brings you to your knees, entertains you and shows that there are these unusual people in this world.

The performance will definitely make you laugh.