When he touched plants, something amazing happened!

Nature has great ideas on how to spread the fruits of plants and germinate is as wide an area as they can. There are several ways, including having seeds surrounded by delicious fruit so that animals eat them and spread the seeds. But sometimes nature selects a more spectacular option of seed dispersal.

The professional way of seed dispersal by explosion is called ballochoria. Not too many plants use this method of dispersal, which is what makes it all the more spectacular.

Bez nazwy 1

This modest plant explodes when touched. Just a gentle touch is enough to see the results. The word “see” may be a little exaggerated, because the plant explodes with such speed that it’s hard to catch with our eyes.

Without the help of touching, the plant explodes as soon as the seeds are ripe. As it turns out, the touch-me-not is not a welcome plant in Poland because it displaces natural vegetation and destroys the ecosystem. Interestingly, it’s reportedly that dumplings with its seeds taste delicious. Maybe one of you dares to find the seeds and share your opinion about their taste.

See the amazing video of sensational plant 😉


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