When her husband abandoned her after 37 years of marriage for a younger woman, she asked him for one thing… She already had a great revenge plan in mind

Farewells are never easy. Oftentimes they can be very dramatic when, after years of being together, you find out that your partner has been cheating on you. A person, who has been cheated on, loses their self-esteem, all the while wondering what they had done wrong. Why were they treated in such a way? 

Coping with betrayal is painful for everyone, especially in a long-term relationship, when people share a life, home and children together. That’s what happened to Julie, who after 37 years of marriage, was told by her husband Sam that he didn’t want her anymore. All those plans of spending a peaceful retirement together and visiting grandchildren shattered.


Julie could see that something was happening. However, she found a way to explain each symptom to herself. She explained her husband’s long stays at the company as necessary for the businesses development. When she stopped by to visit him at work, he was always busy and never had time for her. His secretary also seemed uneasy, but Julie thought that the young girl is simply shy in the presence of her boss’s wife.

One day, her husband told her he wanted a divorce because he loves the young secretary. She couldn’t believe her ears. The young girl demanded that they live in the big mansion together, which Sam and Julie had built and furnished themselves. Sam, of course, agreed and ordered Julie to move out. The woman had no choice, even though she was heartbroken. So many years of marriage, their memories and those of their children had to be packed into boxes.


Her husband’s young girlfriend graciously allowed her to keep a few things. Julie asked them to give her a few days so she could quietly pack up and part with the house. The couple reluctantly agreed to her request.

Do you want to find out what was the plan that Julie came up with? Continue to the next page. 



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