When his dog was lost at sea, he was sure that he would never see it again. But, after five weeks…

Dogs accompany man in practically all activities. They love to be with their owner and to explore the world with them. Sometimes, for their curiosity of the world they pay a huge price.

Luna found out about this, an 18-month-old dog who accompanied her master on a boat. On February 10, Nick Haworth, along with his dog sailed the water of Southern California on a fishing boat. As Nick says himself, Luna was standing on the boat and within a moment she was gone. He was shocked and immediately began searching.

Unfortunately, they didn’t bring any results. The devastated Nick returned home, believing that he would never see his pet again. After five weeks, he had a big shock, because Luna was found! It turned out that she had found refuge on the island of San Clemente about 3 kilometers from where she disappeared.



The dog was found by a Navy unit, which was very surprised that on an island surrounded with security – where there are no domestic animals, because important research is being conducted there, there was a dog sitting and wagging its tail!

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The doctor who examined the dog was surprised that it’s in good shape. Despite light symptoms of malnutrition, it lived! It probably managed to survive by hunting mice. The owner regained the pet, and Luna was very happy when she saw her master.