When I Found Out Where This Inhabited Island Is Located, I Could Not Believe! How Is It Possible?

New York is a city of great secrets and secret places. Probably the biggest of them (at least the most interesting) are located between Queens and the Bronx. There is located a deserted island, which hardly anyone knows about!

Such a treasure under the noses of millions of people! Something amazing! See for yourself!

Here is a mysterious New York island. Administratively, it belongs to the Bronx. However, in the bottom corner you can see a piece of Queens.


It extends over an area over 20 hectares. It was called North Brother.


The island was inhabited till 1885. Later, there was built a hospital which was moved from Roosevelt Island.


People suffering contagious diseases, such as typhus or pox were treated on the North Brother Island.


After the Second World War, the island became a house for veterans and their families.