When I read this love story, I couldn’t stop myself from crying!

Love is the soothing connection of two souls, assuming that they go through all the hardships so that they can be happy together.

Discover the story of people, who’ve lived together their whole lives and died holding each other by the hand. Jeanette Toczko and Aleksander Toczko from San Diego, California, spent their whole lives in love. They were seeing each other ever since they were 8 years old.

Read about their moving story…

Aleksander and Jeanette Toczko started to see each other since they were eight years old.


But a few weeks ago, Mr. Toczko broke his hip and was trapped in bed. Luckily, the medical personnel made sure that he would sped this time at home next to his wife.


The couple got married in the year 1940. Mr. Toczko first lived with the Navy and was a telegraph operator, and later moved to New York. They were happy and had five kids.