When I saw this Korean without make-up on, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ready for a shock?

Make-up works wonders. By using the right cosmetics, you can change facial features to accent eyebrows, hide imperfections or to emphasize the eyes and mouth.

With a little practice, we can become more beautiful than we actually are, accent strengths, hide flaws. Eyeliner and mascara emphasize the eyes, powder or foundation – cover skin imperfections, blusher and bronzer can optically change the shape of your face, emphasize cheeks and lipstick beautifully fill out the mouth. Only few men realize how make-up affects our appearance, some people might be surprised when they discover the plain truth…

The power of make-up is shown in the video below, where a woman from South Korea has decided to wash off her make-up and show the world what she really looks like. The effect is staggering. She doesn’t look bad, natural beauty is something no cosmetics could change, not even the most perfect make-up.

We are beautiful, wearing make-up or not. The right make-up should only strengthen our natural beauty.

This video has been viral for a month now and has already been viewed more than 7 million times.


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