When I saw what was under the heap of fur, I was paralyzed with shock!

It’s never easy losing a close person – you have to accept the fact that someone who was there before, will never come back. Yet no mourning is enough to justify the way a certain family behaved, who after the death of Gorego Zhdanova was supposed to take care of his dog, an Old English sheepdog.

The animal, whose fur needs to be regularly cut, only received basic care from its new “caretakers” – some food and water, which was just enough to survive. Unfortunately, the Zhdanova family didn’t notice that the growing lump of fur was hindering the dog’s ability to normally function. Only a year later did information get to a recue organization. The volunteers came to the home where the dog was, and the sight they saw was really appalling.


The horrendously neglected for the last 12 months dog had such hard and knotted fur that it could barely breathe!


Old English sheepdogs have uniquely special and thick fur that requires regular grooming. If an animal is left neglected for a long time, the effects may be pitiful, which – by the way – you can see in the picture below…


The rescuers knew that they had to work fast.


6 people started to work and removing the tangled fur took them over 3 hours!



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