When she learned that her husband wanted to move here, she thought that he was mad. She changed her mind when she looked inside!

Never pay rent again, wake up and listen to the beautiful chirping of birds, and at the same time have your own home – a dream for many people. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to own a house because of the huge costs associated with building it. For this reason, mini cottages – a much cheaper alternative to traditional houses – are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

They allow everyone to have their own place of residence with only a limited amount of money. Companies which build mini-houses are becoming more and more popular. One of them is “Arched Cabins,” a company that designs and builds mini-cabins with an arched structure, modest from the outside, but impressive on the inside.


They are made in 17 different sizes – from 64 ft² (6 m²) to  968 ft² (90 m²) square meters, so everyone is able to find something just for them.


How the house will be used, depends only on the owner – it may be a garage, sauna, shed, tree house and/or a summerhouse. I must admit that there’s enormous potential in “Arched Cabins”! domki3

The interior planning of a house depends solely on the creativity of the future owner – the manufacturer proudly assures that they will make all their customer’s desires come true.