When she learned that she had cancer, she begged her boyfriend to leave. He, instead of running away… married her!

Reactions to the news of the disease are different. Some break down and think only about themselves, others are fighting and want to be cured. Still others think about how it will affect their loved ones. Especially when the disease is severe, reactions vary from person to person.

Older people have a different approach to the disease while it is worse received by the young. Those standing at the threshold of life, starting work and having their own families are often devastated by such news.

Dawn Burgess was 34 years old with two daughters when the doctor told her that she had breast cancer. A few days earlier, she started dating Stephen Wilson. She had quite different plans for life, and the disease struck her unexpectedly. She decided to part with her new boyfriend. She did not want the recently met boyfriend to feel burdened with the disease.


But Stephen did not want to listen to her and declared he would take care of her. Soon after, he proposed to her! He helped her through the chemotherapy and mastectomy and took care of her daughters.