When she said that a good cleaning agent is… mustard, her friends thought she was crazy. Then they began to use it themselves!

Sometimes the methods which people use to take care of their bodies shock us. Some have expensive ointments imported from distant countries, others… simple and eccentric solutions. We associate mustard with sandwiches and hot dogs, not with a bath. However, as it turns out, it can be used safely not only in the kitchen! 

As soon as you experience the benefits of a mustard bath, you’ll move it from the kitchen to the bathroom without a moment of hesitation.


1. Relaxes muscles

Do you have cramps or muscle aches? Mustard may keep pain under control. It’s best to form a mustard mix from bath salt and mustard and massage the mixture into the place where pain is present. The muscles relax and are heated up. If the pain really bothers you, apply the mustard to this place, and then rest. After 20 minutes, wash it off.


2. Nourishes the skin

Mustard can be a great facial mask! It contains vitamin E and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Apply a thin layer to the face for 15 minutes, watching out for the eye area. Wash off rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Your skin will be nourished and stimulated.

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