When sitting, do you cross one leg over the other? Take a look at some reasons why you shouldn’t do this!

Most women while sitting on a chair cross one leg over the other. Many people say that it is a very elegant and sexy pose, which is an epitome of femininity. Leg-crossing often comes automatically and imperceptibly, and sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re sitting in this way.

Although it is a very comfortable position, it can have a negative impact on our health. Take a look!

1. Paralysis of the sciatic nerve

Sitting with legs crossed for a longer period of time can cause damage to the sciatic nerve and in rare cases even paralysis, so it is important to change our seating position, stretching both arms and legs at least for a moment.



2. Hypertension

Research has shown that sitting with legs folded raises blood pressure in the body. When we cross our legs, the thorax receives more blood than normal, which is pumped to the heart in increased amounts, which in turn increases blood pressure.