When sitting in the car’s front seat pay attention to whether the person sitting behind is wearing seat belts. In the case of an accident, the can become a burden weighing 2.5 tonnes flying right at you!

Cars facilitate people’s lives but are also often the cause of their death. Therefore, you need to use them wisely, respecting all safety precautions and thus minimizing the effects a tragic accident could have.

At the very core of safe driving lies wearing a seat belt at all times, by all the passengers. Unfortunately, many people still believe in the myth that wearing belts in the back seat is unnecessary and that only people riding in the front should secure themselves. This is wrong thinking which should be corrected as soon as possible, as the lack of seatbelts for rear seat passengers directly threatens not only their lives but also the lives of people sitting in the front.


Passengers who do not have a driving license often do not have a consciousness of how safe transportation should look like. Even on small bumps, wearing seat belts can save lives of people traveling.

The results of the tests are scary: only 40% of non-drivers wear their seatbelts when traveling in the back seat. Among non-drivers, the results are even worse, with only 38% of people fastening their seatbelts.

More about not fastening seatbelts and the consequences of such behavior in the following pages.