When sitting in the car’s front seat pay attention to whether the person sitting behind is wearing seat belts. In the case of an accident, the can become a burden weighing 2.5 tonnes flying right at you!

This knowledge could save your life! Why do people not buckle their seatbelts? Some believe that this quirky, because they never had this habit. Others argue that wearing seatbelts can spoil the comfort of the ride, yet others explain that they do not believe that something can happen to them because the person who drives is very good at it and would certainly avoid an accident. Unfortunately, this is not the case as the situation on the road is unpredictable.

A lack of respect for traffic regulations may lead to a tragedy.

The myth that riding in the back seat is safer than driving in the front warrants many to not wear their setbelts in the back seat. The man sitting behind the driver will feel the effects of a possible collision violently. The sheer force at hand will make him go forward, often leading to the loss of life of those in the fron seat. Every driver should have this awareness and require their passengers to wear a seatbelt at all times.

Buckling it takes a few seconds and could even save your life!

To realize the risk coming of not wearing seatbelts when at the back of the car, let’s refer to physics. When driving at 39 mph (64 km/h) the car is subjected to an overload equal to 0.1 ounce (30g). In the event of a collision, a passenger weighing 185 pounds (84 kg) can be turned into a bullet and hit the front seat with the impact of 2.5 tons! He can become an overwheling weight that can easily shatter bones and tear the spinal cord, not to mention other potentially serious injuries.

The overload has a potentially deadly power over the human body during accidents.

Experts warn not to believe the illusion that while traveling as a passenger, one does not have any obligations to care for their and others’ safety. You should know that many an accident analysis showed that the cause of the death of the driver or the person sitting next to him/her was the passenger sitting in the back when he/her crashed with full impetus into the front seat. This person then smashed those sitting at the front into the dashboard. People who do not buckle their seatbelts are also a deadly threat to children who are properly transported in the rear seats.

The habit of wearing a seatbelt should be passed onto children at a very early age.