When the judges of “The Voice of South Africa” turned their chairs around, they cried instead of smiling…

The music program “The Voice of …” is loved by its audience for holding auditions in the dark. The jury members only evaluate the players by their voice, doing it the fair way.

In this talent show, the participants are to intrigue the judges enough with their voice so that the latter, seduced, will reverse their seats to them and the stage. The reversal of the juror’s seat is synonymous with the possibility of training under his guidance in the next stage.


Singers evaluate amateurs in this program. They often experience a shock at reversal, namely when it turns out that a nun is singing a rock song. Another big but sad surprise occurred to jury members in the last South African edition.

The reason for the surprise of the jury was Vernon Barnard. The boy sang the song of the currently popular band One Direction, the Story of My Life. His voice was deep and extremely moving. It held a mysterious, penetrating tone.


Already before the chorus, three judges turned their chairs, but their smiles and joyful body language did not please the participant.

The boy was blind. His disability shocked the judges who did not know how to react.

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