When they heard a loud cry from behind the wall they called the police. What they found with touch your heart!

Solicitation or some kind of anaesthesia, it’s really difficult to say why so little time is spent with loved ones. It is often when they pass away that we realize how we appreciated our grandad’s knowledge or our grandmother’s cooking.

But it’s too late then. The other week police in Appio in Italy was called for an intervention, where someone had heard shouting and crying in one of the flats there. They reacted quickly and expected an assault, robbery or family argument but surely not what they got to see.


Four police officers entered the small flat of 84 year old Jole and 94 year old Michael. As it came out, no one had attacked them. The old couple were so lonely that they got a panic attack. No one had visited them for many days and after witnessing the terrible things happening in the world, they started to cry. The couple has been married for 70 years.

Their children grew up and moved out. The policemen didn’t hesitate to take care of the couple’s health before the ambulance arrived. They prepared a small meal for them – just the typical spaghetti with parmesan. The small dinner and just a pleasant conversation with the policemen managed to calm down the old-timers.