When they saw this dog, they were sure he was dead… The way the story developed is very moving!

Every day, rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited receive calls to assist animals that are in distress, homeless, injured, sometimes dying, deprived of man’s care and concern. This time, they were called to an animal in serious condition, lying in one of the Indian gardens. The dog received a heavy blow to the head and it appeared he was dead.

Upon arrival, rescuers found that the animal was still breathing. They realized that they had no time to lose, that’s why they immediately took the animal to their clinic with the intention of doing everything possible to save its life.


The chance of the female surviving was really small, but after two weeks of recovery under the supervision of specialists, her health began to stabilize. The fact that the female was continuously unconscious was concerning, because her injuries indicated that she may have suffered permanent brain damage.

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