When they were invited to a six-year-old’s birthday party, the guests didn’t show up, the upset mother wrote about it online… she didn’t expect such a reaction!

There is no person who doesn’t like their birthday. Especially children who are very excited about the party, gifts and the joy, that this is their day. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best day in every situation. The six-year-old Glenn Buratti learned this.

The boy has autism, but attends school and has friends. Unfortunately, his birthday didn’t verify this. Among the 16 invited friends, no one came!

Glenn mother’s heart broke, when she saw the boy’s sadness. She wrote about it on a local social website. She wanted to relieve her regret about how they treated her son. You didn’t need to wait long for a reply. And it was surprising.


Local police and firefighters came to the party came! They brought with them a lot of gifts, but they also took their cars!

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