When this baby fell from a high tree, nobody expected that he would survive. After a few weeks, it became something really sweet

This tiny creature was found by a dog. It fell from a high tree, and aroused the interest of a pet. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt him, but alerted Steve and Terri Irwin. They knew right away that you should help him.

They took the baby to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in Beerwah. They probably did not quite believe that it was possible to save him, but still decided to try and go ahead with it. The animal was very weak and small, no bigger than a human nail.


Veterinarians found the creature to be a tiny marsupial living in Australia – a sugar glider. It weighed less than a gram. Employees of the clinic were shocked that it managed to survive.

He fell out of his mommy’s bag at a very high altitude, but did not suffer major damages. Of course, being alone, he would not survive, so specialists from Zoo Wildlife took care of him. For a long time, it was fed by a milk formula through a straw. They called it Boop.

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