When this dog heard the explosion of fireworks, he fearfully hid under a blanket. Suddenly, a cat came up to him and did THIS!

Independence Day, celebrated in the United States on July 4th, is celebrated in a grand way. Everyone has a great time watching fireworks, but not pets. Especially dogs that have very sensitive hearing react terribly to the loud sounds.

They aren’t accustomed to such noise, often panic and, in extreme cases, are so frightened that they die of a heart attack. Some pets hide in some safe hiding places and don’t come out for a long time in fear of the threat returning.


The stress caused by noise among dogs is so strong that sometimes it prevents them from functioning normally. Pets tend to have gastric problems, are aggressive and sleep badly.


It is said that dogs and cats hate each other. Their reluctance to one other is caused by the fact that the two species are very different from each other. The friendly behavior of one species may be perceived by the other as a sign of aggression. This leads to fights, some large some small, which can escalate over time.

Victoria Eve recently posted a photo of her frightened dog. The pet was cuddled up in the blanket and was impatiently waiting for the fireworks to finally be over. He wasn’t alone. A cat came to his side, to reassure him that everything was going to be fine. The cat snuggled into the blanket next to the dog and they lay together like the best of friends.

Do you think that the cat really felt an impulse in the heart and decided to support the “enemy” or was the pet simply frightened as well? Or perhaps danger not only brings people together but also animals?