When you find out from why they’ve swollen so much, you’ll go to the store and make the exact same thing! I already have my own supply!

Everyone loves mouthwatering gummy bears. If someone hasn’t tried them yet, they’re certainly a strange person and don’t even know what they’re missing out on. You can eat them without end! They addict to such an extent that it’s hard to settle for just one gummy candy.

Today, we’re bringing back a very well-known recipe for so-called drunken gummy bears. They’re a tempting addition to drinks and an interesting way of serving alcohol in a slightly different form factor. Remember not to go overboard with how much you consume and don’t give these gummy bears to children!


Here’s what you need!

  1. Gummy bears. They don’t have to exactly be in the shape of teddy bears, you can also use hearts, worms or fruit shapes.
  2. Alcohol. Vodka, champagne, liqueur. Everything that you have at home. Flavored vodkas compliment gummy candy very well.
  3. Patience. The gummy bears will be ready in 5 days!



The instructions are on the next page!