When you see this, you’ll think twice before going to the circus! You can get goose bumps while watching this!

The following pictures haven’t been taken in some remote part of Asia, where the negative use of animals is an everyday practice. They were taken in the United States, more specifically, in Florida.

Animals that no longer have the strength to perform in the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circuses are brought to the Center for Elephant Conservation. To make them perform circus tricks and stay obedient, terrible tortures are brought upon them. Young elephants are separated from their mothers and subjected to horrific procedures.


“Practices” are intended to break their will and adequately prepare them for performances. As part of their training, “trainers” use sharp tools with hooks on one side. They pierce the animals where the skin is thinnest, in order to inflict the most pain on them.


These pictures are sad proof of physical and psychological torture, which is inflicted on the wise animals. Not without reason have such “exercises” already been banned in several U.S. states.

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