When you see what this woman did to her dog, you won’t be able to pull yourself together! How can someone be so stupid?!

In recent years it has become increasingly fashionable to beautify the body with tattoos or piercings. A shiny decoration in the tongue or chin is no longer unusual, but it’s still only an individual’s business of what they do.

As you know people are different and tastes shouldn’t be discussed, which is why it’s worth refraining from commenting on someone’s appearance. It’s different when it comes to animals, who can’t in any way protest or influence the decision of their masters.


Owners often want their pets to be even more beautiful. For this reason, they endow them with a variety of beauty treatments and buy cute clothes. Some go a step further and paint dogs or cats nails or the dye their fur, which in the case of cats is particularly dangerous!

A resident of Genoa has outdone herself and broke all stupid ideas that very irrational owners have come up with. The 30-year-old Maria Sabave pierced her dog’s tongue!

Tobia, which is what the sweet puppy is called, is probably the first dog in the world with an ornament in its mouth. The owner’s decision was met with numerous protests, and many animal lovers accused her of animal abuse. Facebook was so disgusted with her that she had to delete her personal account.

How could someone let this happen? It’s unbelievable!