When your dog acts like this then it means that he’s trying to tell you something important!

Life would be a lot simpler if everyone spoke the same language. Not only people, but animals too. Well, we may not necessarily be interested in what a mosquito flying above us has to say.

However, if other mammals could talk, then it wouldn’t be so bad. :)Yet, as it turns out, our house-pets can speak excellently, we just don’t know how to listen. Once you learn how to, then life with your pet will be really straightforward.

1. When your dog looks you in the eyes it means that it unconditionally loves you. It’s like a kiss from the dog.


2. When it brings you its favorite toy, then that doesn’t necessarily mean that it wants you to throw it. It’s a sign that it loves you so much, that it wants you to play with it too.


3. If your dog prefers to sleep with you rather than on its own bed then it means that you’re the most important to him.