While mowing the lawn, they’ve discovered something terrible! The next day their lives completely changed

Marco del Pino from Argentina is different from most typical teenagers. The fourteen-year-old teen doesn’t spend all day in front of a computer or TV. He has a rather unusual hobby, which is … mowing the lawn.

One day, along with his brother Franco, he was cutting a lawn. They saw a box, from which quiet cries were coming from. Fortunately, that had the courage to open it, because inside there were three tiny puppies. They were left for fate, and if weren’t for the brothers, their luck would have turned out very differently. The boys had decided to take them along. They took care of them and found new homes for the little ones among friends of their family.



Since then, taking care of abandoned animals has become one of Marco’s goal. People began treacherously using his good heart and were leaving boxes with pets by his house… It’s good he wasn’t apathetic to what might happen to them, each time he took care of them and found new homes for them. The boy’s list of achievements also includes finding a lost dog. The pet’s owner appreciated his efforts, and posted a public thanks on Facebook. He called him a hero, who was able to make what was impossible for him happen.