Why shouldn’t laundry be hung to dry in small spaces? The reason is serious, but ignored by many!

You can’t count on a comfortable and spacious bathroom in a small apartment. This is usually the smallest area containing the most important items – the shower, toilet, sink and cabinets.

Sometimes it lacks space even for a ceiling drying rack. Clothes are then spread out on a portable dryer straight out of the washing machine, and placed in the largest room near a window and if possible, a heater.


It is a convenient solution, but it carries some harmful consequences with it. Wet clothes increase humidity by up to 30% (they may contain up to half a gallon of water). During the drying process, water evaporates and spreads across the room. A moist environment is the perfect place for the development of fungi and mold, which at first are not visible to the naked eye. Only later do they appear in the form of black or green stains in the corners of the walls.



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