Who is the beautiful wife of Kim Jong Un? The Korean first lady has a lot of secrets. Discover some of them!

Apparently, Kim Jong Un was a bit shy, kind and polite as a young man.

Sometimes he showed his dark side to the world and exploded when something did not go his way. That’s it. He was educated in Swiss schools, but science did not go well with him. Due to his poor German knowledge, he was older than the rest of his pupils by two years, yet he learned very poorly, earning grades that were the lowest possible.

He loved basketball. His favorite outfit was a Nike tracksuit and Air Jordan shoes. His favorite styling was not just on the pitch. He often showed himself publicly. He never worried about unnecessary kilograms and loved eating well, as you can see. Especially from Switzerland, he imports cheese into his country, spending tens of thousands of dollars every year. He does not detract from stimulants: Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes and his favorite alcohol, Johnny Walker.

In 2012, the leader showed his beautiful wife to the world. It was a kind of breakthrough because neither his grandfather Kim Ir Sen nor his father Kim Jong Il had ever shown their comrades publicly. She was identified as the vocalist of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble (a popular music group from North Korea). On July 25, 2012, the Korean state media announced that the mysterious lady was Kim Jong’s wife and is called Ri Sol-ju.

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