Wild Bird trusted people with its life! It knew that without their help, it wouldn’t survive!

Getting close to a wild animal isn’t easy, especially if it’s a bird and even more so a great bird of prey, with talons that can attack and even kill a person. A Sea Eagle’s wingspan, because that’s the eagle in question, is 95 inches across! It’s no small birdie.

The bird found by a rescue organization was so weak that it allowed humans to capture it. Volunteers wrapped the eagle in a blanket and took it to the doctor, to find the cause of the bird’s poor condition.



After running a few tests, it turned out that the eagle is heavily poisoned with lead. Its condition is serious, because poisoning disables the digestive system and the bird can’t digest what it has eaten. Because of this, it doesn’t have enough strength to continue hunting and the lead slowly entering the bloodstream can kill the animal.

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