Wild cats are predators by nature, yet it was the lioness that acted against it while hunting

The animal world is ruled by an absolute rule: if you do not kill, you will be killed. Predators’ instincts show no compassion, having themfiercely fighting for their prey and usually getting what they want, as the stronger one always wins.  

Lions are of the five most dangerous animals of the African continent. They are strong, agile and alert, and a major threat on the savannah. Hunters usually take out the lioness, who chooses as victims, for example. antelopes and gazelles. One such lion’s hunt was immortalized on camera, and became a to all.


Seeing the lioness lurking in the bushes near the wildebeest, we expect only one scenario: a high-speed pursuit of the weakest the individual, followed by jumping, chewing its throat and consuming the prey. The chance of this performance is increased when young animales of prey are surrounded by adult ones, having no chance to escape the agile lion or lioness. Such a defenseless calf found itself faced with a hungry lion, which went ahead.

One has to be vigilant on the savannah unless one wants to become someone else’s dinner!

Getting the young gnu was not a problem for the predator. However, when the lioness stayed alone with the victim, she halted the attack. She began to lick the newborn calf, barely standing on its feet, only to lay down beside him. Apparently her maternal instinct lead the way. Did the lioness change her mind and finally decided to eat the small wildebeest?

Watch the video to get to know the answer.
The animal world will never ceased to surprise us!