Wisdom from the Far East inspires the whole world. Learn 8 doctrines of the Buddha, to help you be a better person

Buddhism is often treated more like a philosophy or set of beliefs rather than a religion, because it’s assumes nontheism, which neither confirms nor questions the existence of God. So, attention in Buddhism is focused on leading a moral life. As a result, many people who want to live well, can be inspired by Buddhism, without changing their religion.

The creator of Buddhism and its basic doctrines was Siddhartha Gautama, who lived around 500 BC. He preached the Four Noble Truths, and urged for the implementation of developmental paths according to the assumptions of the Eightfold Path. The last of the Noble Truths says that following this path will help one achieve peace, free them from suffering and lead to a better understanding, which may result in achieving the greatest form of bliss or happiness, nirvana. However, these are fairly universal truths, which are why it’s worth to learn them put them into practice, even if you believe in a different religion, because it undoubtedly helps in being a better person.

The figure of the Buddha is known all over the world.


1. The principle of a legitimate worldview.

We often see the world as we would want to see it, and not as it really is. A distorted picture of reality makes it impossible to understand the nature and principles of the way the world functions (mainly causality, efficiency, and the impermanence of the world). The correct view of the world implies avoiding the erroneous views and accepting the rules that govern nature and human life.