With these dogs the world can sleep peacefully. Meet heroic animals who are on duty in the military

I think everyone remembers the dog Szarik (pronounced “Sharik”) from the series “Four Tank Men and a Dog,” which often delivered tankers from oppression and saved their lives. Although his adventures are TV fiction, the dogs actually serve in the army and help soldiers fulfill their missions.

Any dog just like a person has qualifications for something: some animals are ideal for the role of domestic pets, others are caring guides, while other ones have the rescuer instinct. There are also some dogs that are ideal for military service. Whether the pup will be a good soldier depends on the nature of its race and individual disposition.


German shepherds are the most common race for military training. These are dogs that have a high willingness to learn and like purposeful action. Additionally, shepherds are known for their commitment and fidelity, so they are perfect companions for dangerous missions. This breed is considered to be defensive, because dogs have a strong need to protect their territory and herd. Shepherds can also sense human emotions well, so they can be a support for their owners. It all has an impact on the fact that soldiers are very attached to dogs that serve in a war and risk their lives together with them.

The unusual relationship between dogs and yeomen is illustrated by the following pictures.

1. Dogs are an important part of the military community


2. Everyone needs a bit of support


3. The soldier and the dog are partners during the mission