The Woman’s Last Wish Was Very Touching… Hospital Staff Will Remember This Moment For The Rest Of Their Life!

Sheila Marsh was in hospital in Wigan. The woman suffered from cancer… The hospital staff decided to fulfil the last wish of the dying woman. They organized a meeting with her beloved pets.

77-year-old woman loved animals. She took care of six horses, three dogs and three cats.


She wanted to see them for the last time. They brought two horses at the hospital parking. One of them (Bronwen) was the favourite of the old woman. She took care of him for several years.

Exhausted Sheila could not speak. However, Bronwyn heard her faint voice and approached the bed where she laid.

He said goodbye to his guardian, kissing her on the cheek.
It was a very sad and moving moment that hospital staff will remember for a lifetime!


Sheila’s daughter admitted that the meeting had great importance for her mother.

She was happy, knowing that she leaves, saying goodbye to the Bronwyn.

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