Guys want girls to know about this! Find out the list of 35 things and see how many of them you know

Communication between men and women is sometimes difficult: another reception of the same thing.

Difficult conversations happen in every relationship and sometimes the other person can understand something that is completely unexpected, and that will spark a lot of quarrel. So, one is often silent in order to not provoke trouble. And there are things that everyone would like to say or that the other person just knows. But from where?

Conversations are not easy, but they are needed. It is always worth it to say what you think, but also why. The wider context makes it easier for the other person to understand what is going on. There are things that just guys would like each girl to know about them and not have to tell her. Below is a list that describes what a boy cannot say and what he would like his girlfriend to know.

1. If you wear something with a big neckline, you lose the right to complain that the men look at your bust.

2. Your exes were idiots.

3. We notice other women, sometimes we look at their behinds, but that does not mean that we are planning to throw away our partners and chase others.

4. You cannot moan that there are no good guys and that is why you are alone and that whoever gets you straight away you should throw away.