Work for this vet is a real passion! See how he unusually helped a homeless dog

The work of a vet is challenging, which is what Dr. Andy Mathis learned, who lives in Elberton, Georgia (USA). One day, when he was about to finish work and go home, but he answered a phone call, which stopped him. This was the beginning of an extraordinary story, which tells of a great love for animals, and empathy and perseverance.

The call received by the vet was from a woman who found a homeless dog by the roadside. Unfortunately, she could not take care of him, but didn’t want to leave the animal to die, so she called the shelter, Granite Hills Animals Care, where Dr. Mathis worked. The dog arrived during the night at the shelter, and his condition shocked everyone.

Every day dogs that need care and love go to shelters.


The found dog is a hybrid Pitbull, which has been given the name of Graycie Claire. She was very thin and dehydrated, which means that the dog was not brought up on the street, because then she would know how to secure food. Most likely she fled her owners or was thrown out and has since wandered, unable to find food and water. Malnutrition results in anemia and general apathy. In addition, the dog was plagued by other diseases, especially inflammatory conditions.

It’s unbelievable that this sweet pup doesn’t have a home.


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