Work for this vet is a real passion! See how he unusually helped a homeless dog

The condition of Graycie Claire qualified her to be put to sleep, but Dr. Marhis was not going to give up and decided to fight for her life and health. He wrote about it on Facebook, so as to have many people support the dog. The support that the vet received from Internet users proved useful, because curing the dog was a long and complicated process. Graycie Claire suffered not only physically, but especially mentally. Treating her psyche required no less effort, time or dedication than treating the body.

In Graycie Claire you could see most of her bones.


A problem of the dog was panic. She was scared and didn’t trust people. It isn’t known what happened to her in the hands of someone, but it left a deep trauma. The withdrawal of the dog was an additional problem for her treatment because she was afraid to eat, and without it, she could not recover strength. Dr. Mathis decided that he’d tame the dog and make her trust people again and want her to stay with them. Not only will it help her to eat without fear, but it will socialize her so that in future she will have a chance at adoption and a better life.

Dr. Mathis always does for his patients to survive.


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