Working in front of a camera isn’t easy, and mistakes don’t go unnoticed among viewers. Here are 10 TV mishaps that prove it

Working in the television business is a dream for many people, because it is interesting, exciting, offers new opportunities, allows you to explore different people, and it does not seem difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth, because work in a recording studio or with a microphone in the field is a big calling, because something can go wrong at any moment.

Mishaps recorded during the recording of TV programs, especially live ones, are a big joy for the audience, because as the saying goes, “nothing is as happy as a human failure.” Journalists slip, operators trip or unexpected technical difficulties occur – this is what bored viewers await.


If you like to watch TV mishaps, you have to watch the following video, showing 10 funny situations, which were aired on television. Among other things, you see politicians demolishing a Turkish studio, maintenance staff who forgot that the cameras were recording, and journalists who stumble into light poles or destroy the work of the people they interview. Have fun!

Example number four had left us in tears!