You can take this cat wherever you want… You won’t guess why!

Cats rule the Internet, and thanks to this, they conquered the entire world! It’s not a joke, cats probably have a similar position in our times as cats did in ancient Egypt. Well, maybe not exactly. Nobody in all of Egypt would be brave enough to dress a cat in a funny outfit and call themselves its “Mommy”. But obviously slaves allow themselves to such disobedience.

Of course you need to take these kind of sensations with a pinch of salt :). Cats are loved by families and single people, they have their own characteristics, but you got to admit that whatever they do – if its knocking over every object or hugging a leg – they do it with grace and charm.

Why is the cat in the picture below so special? It’s because it’s the work of a Japanese designer, Pico, who makes… purses!


A cat bag is completely handmade and very unique. Pico uses soft cotton to best convey the shape of an animal. The bags have a zipper and a belt, which makes it very functional, and at the same time it stands out wherever you take it.


The cats are available in different models. Even as hats.

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And how can you not say that cats don’t rule this world? 🙂