You can’t draw, but your child is asking for help? Here are brilliant tips on how to make animals from numbers and more!

Not everyone is artistically gifted, but sometimes there is no way out and you have to draw a teddy bear or bunny. And you have to do it in a way that won’t provoke the child to ask questions like “What is this? A teddy bear does not look like this”. Help comes to artists from… math. By training for years, they can write numbers without looking. The idea is simple: draw a number, and then, step by step, add some various simple lines. And it’s ready.

Children have a lot of fun, and in addition, they get to get to learn the numbers. See for yourself what will come out of it and try these ideas at home :).

1. With the ordinary three you can draw a great bunny :). It’s very easy, I think anyone can handle it.

2. Exotic animals? No problem, a sweet koala based on 19 already done :).

3. One may not be enough to create an animal (although who knows :), but it can be a nice cruise ship!

4. From 12 you can make a woodpecker. It is not as difficult as it might seem :).

5. Two twos and a dangerous shark is swimming. A little practice and the twos can be used to draw most fish ;).