You can’t draw, and your kid wants you to help? Here are some brilliant ways to transform numbers into animals and much more!

Not everyone is artistically gifted, but sometimes there is no way out and you have to draw a teddy bear or bunny. And of course, in such a way so that your child won’t ask questions along the lines of “what is this? Teddy bears don’t look like this!” Coming to the artists’ rescue is… math.

Having practiced for years, we can write them down without even looking. The idea is simple: draw a number, and then step by step, add a variety of simple lines. That’s it. Children have a lot of fun doing this, and learn numbers along the way. Try these ideas at home and see the results for yourself :).

1. Make an amazing bunny from an ordinary number three :). It’s very simple, and I think that anybody can do it.


 2. Exotic animals? No problem, a sweet koala is already in the making from the number 19 🙂


3. An animal might not be created from the number one (although who knows :), but instead, a nice cruise ship is setting sail!


4. You can make a woodpecker from the number twelve. It’s not as difficult as it might seem :).