You can’t ignore the hypnotizing eyes of this African boy. What’s the secret of their intensely blue color?

Apparently the eyes are a window to the soul.

The color of your eyes depends on your genes, which means it’s an inherited trait. There are three main distinguishable colors among people: blue, green and brown, while all the other shades in the iris are a blend of these colors. Eye pigmentation is tailored to the complexion of your skin and the color of your hair, so the popularity of a given eye color changes with latitude.

Scientists say that at the beginning all people had brown eyes. But when they started heading north, evolution had to adapt your ability to see in a colder climate with different light. Researchers at the University of Queensland claim that the gene mutations resulting in a pure blue color came about 10 thousand years ago.

Blue eyes are, therefore, common in the north, for example in Scandinavia, but it is rare in people from Africa. So it’s no wonder that the eyes of this boy from Ethopia became a sensation. Abushe’s irises have a deep blue color that strongly contrasted by his dark skin.

Why does the boy have such unique eyes? Is is African witchcraft, an illness, or an accident? You’ll find the answer further in the article.