You can’t walk by these quadrupeds and ignore them! To say that they make quite an impression, isn’t saying enough…

Dogs are a very diverse animal species, so everyone can find their own ideal four-legged friend. Some opt for guard dogs, some for breeds that are calmer and domestic. Yet others will want long hair or a small size of the animal. However, not everything always goes according to plan and the look of the pooch may differ significantly from the ideas the owner had.

All dogs as puppies are cute. they’re small, harmless and usually can fit in a hand. You can freely play with them, cuddle them and take them everywhere with you. The problem arises when the puppy grows like a weed and won’t stop. Then it turns out that the cute puppy, which was supposed to be only knee high, already reaches the thighs and eats a bucket of food for each meal. Having a large dog is a huge challenge, but also a great joy. Meet several quadrupeds, whose size exceeded the expectations of the owners.

1. A beloved dog can never have too much.


2. Like an industrial mop.


3. Sleeping on your feet takes on a new meaning.


4. The home defender deserves relaxation.