You certainly don’t know these interesting facts about Nutella! No. 7 is the best!

Family empire Ferrero has its origins in a small café in Alba, Italy. It is now one of the largest empires, and its owners are billionaires. Nutella has millions of fans worldwide who start the day with this particular product on their toast.

Initially the chocolate had a different consistency so it could have been cut into slices and put on sandwich, just like ham, but over time the recipe changed into the one well-known today.

Check out some interesting facts about this delicacy!


1. The creation of Nutella had some contribution from Napoleon and… Hitler.

Napoleon, trying to win the war, froze the UK trade. As a result, the prices of goods (including cocoa) were incredibly high, hence chocolate became a luxury good that only few people could afford. The search for other ingredients complementing cocoa had begun. As it turned out, a very good supplement was a hazelnut paste, called “Gianduia”. The idea was acquired in 1940 by Pietro Ferrero, who also didn’t have an easy life. Due to limitations in food supplies his business began to decline. Then he created a product called “Gianduia Paste”, known worldwide as Nutella since 1964.


2. Nutella sells faster than… hot cakes.

One jar of Nutella is sold on average every 2.5 seconds. Interestingly, people are born less often, because a potential consumer of Nutella is born every 8 seconds.


3. Spreading around the world.

Nutella is now available in 75 countries worldwide. The amount of jars sold in the world each year could cover 1,000 football fields.