You don’t believe in ghosts? After seeing this you’ll change your mind!

Dating back to ancient legends, the motif of death has been around for centuries and the idea of afterlife as well. Every religion has a concept of what happens to a person’s soul, when the last breath is taken. A very large group of people believe that if you leave unfinished business, it can make it difficult for you to leave Earth.

Whatever the direction the soul takes after death, whether it’s heaven, hell or an wandering eternally through the world, the soul must first leave the body. At the time of death, it starts its eternal journey. Once people believed that to be the only truth, but now a group of skeptics has formed. We die and that’s the end of our song. But then photos and videos which can’t be forgotten surface and they show to say the least very disturbing things.


Technology causes us to believe less and less in miracles – after all, everything can be explained scientifically. Can we be sure that this is the case? It turns out that a camera can record what escapes the human eye. This is exactly what happens during this recording. It was captured in a Chinese hospital. On the bed lies a woman who had just died. And what you can see forces even the biggest skeptics to wonder!