You have never seen such floors! The 3D drawings painted on them may make your eyes pop

The home is a very important place for a man. It is his safe haven, a place to relax in. Therefore, people attach great attention to how their apartments and houses look like. Most people prefer subdued interiors where senses have a chance to relax. That said, however, there are also those people who enjoy very unusual houses, well distinguished from other real estate.

One of the ways to ensure that your home will have a unique an crazy character is to get a three-dimensional drawing for your floor, one that will open a way to an alternative world.


The 3D effects on the floor make its interior less obvious. While one is standing on the doorstep of such space, one’s eyesight starts going crazy, losing both perspective and understanding of the space. You have to admit that the decision to outfit the room like this is very brave and even unacceptable for most people because of the three-dimensional interior making it hard to focus.

On this and the following pages of this article, you will find pictures of 9 amazing floors decorated with 3D drawings.

Is that the golden train?


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