You know these symbols, but do you know where they come from and how they came about?

We are surrounded by a world of symbols, there are more and more of them and although we accept them rather quickly, we rarely wonder where they come from. The world of symbols is large and known from centuries ago.

There are those that people have been using for ages and we never wonder why it has that specific meaning and not another one. Then there are new symbols that have international significance and facilitate communication across languages. They exist, therefore, we use them, but we do not know exactly how they came about and who invented them.

Et or Ampersand – &

This symbol means “and” comes from the Latin “et”. The sign was first used by Cicero’s Secretary – Tiro, who was first a slave of Cicero, and then a free man. He invented a system of signs, which helped him quickly write down the words of philosophers. These notes are known as “Tirona’s Notes”. Many centuries later, it became so popular that they were added to the alphabet.