You Will Be Shocked Seeing This Jewellery! Find Out What Was Is Made Of!

The father of 23-year-old student Caroline Breeze showed her his own jewellery made of metal scrap. Jewellery made quite an impression on his daughter.

Besides the fact that jewellery looks very impressive, it has become a way to make money for her father. The creativity of the creator can be observed in the materials that have been used. For example: a pendant is made of a copper wire taken from an old radio and some elements of old jewellery.

Since that day, the family began to design all kinds of pendants, earrings and bracelets using elements of old jewellery and old unused items. All of these trinkets are inspired by ancient cultures, tribes, Indian and Celtic symbols.

The father turned out to be a true, modern erudite: he draws with both hands, he carves wood sculptures, once he was making tattoos, and now he is doing beautiful jewellery.



A Celtic pendant 


A steel scorpion