You Will Never Believe What Happened… You Will Be Shocked Reading This Story!

73 year old James Wathen was seriously ill and he was taken to the hospital. He had no time to ask friends to take care of his dog. James was extremely attached to Bubby.

After regaining consciousness, he did not want to eat, he looked worse and worse…


He revealed the hospital workers the name of his dog! They immediately began searching Bubby! They found it in an animal shelter in Knox-Whitley! It turned out that the dog behaves like its owner… He extremely longed for him. He stopped to eat and, like James, was getting weaker and weaker every day.


The nurses and the shelter workers decided to help the wretches! Although it was forbidden, they took Bubby to the hospital. After a few moments the condition of both began to improve. They both regained strength and the will to live!