You won’t believe this woman’s age! I was shocked when I found out how old she is!

The story of Nguyen Thi Phuon shocked people all over the world. Some say she’s a fraud, others feel sorry for the way she looks. Phuong’s life changed in 2008. She turned into an old lady over a few days.

Before, she was 26 years old, beautiful and a happy girl. One day she ate some seafood that gave her an unbearable rash. She couldn’t afford seeing a doctor, so she went to the pharmacy and bought the cheapest allergy medicine there. That didn’t bring satisfying results. Devastated, the woman started trying everything, even natural medicine.

The rash started to go away, but other unsettling symptoms appeared. The skin on her face, stomach and arms started to wrinkle and suddenly go flabby. After a few days Phuong looked a couple of years older.