You won’t guess why popular jeans have rivets!

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans in the closet that look like something a cat had brought into the house. But always, even after thorough spring cleaning, they remain in the closet. Few people know that jeans have a very special characteristic, which is sometimes copied over to different pants. Jeans are fabricated in a special way, based on old sewing styles. Good quality jeans have so many reinforcements and special stitches that you can wear them for years.

Why is it like that? Well, you can find out by learning the history of these pants. All the reinforcements and special rivets were created for a reason!


Few people wonder why exactly these popular pants are so strong. Now they are worn with everything, even the most well-known fashionistas have a pair of these pants in their wardrobe. Note, however, that they had originally been designed for workers.


Jeans began to appear in the late 1800s. They were created for workers in San Francisco, who needed workpants so strong that there would be no need to constantly repair them. On the next page you’ll learn why rivets were used in the fabrication of jeans and the many places of their application and how it had an impact on these pants.